08 May 2007

Got a Dilemma...

Okay - there is this guy (Steve) that I have been friends with for almost 10 years. We are good friends and can talk about almost anything... actually, we can talk about EVERYTHING! From work to food, to movies, to sex. He confides in me and I can confide in him. He is awesome and I wouldn't trade him for the world.

My problem is - he is married. No biggie... it's not that kinda "friendship". Him & I can talk and laugh about obscure things and, right now, his marriage is one of spite - his wife has threatened him if he leaves her, so he needs someone to talk to and I am apparently it. Which is fine - I'm a shoulder to lean on and an ear to listen. If he's comfortable talking to me - so be it.

Actually, the problem has nothing to do with his wife - it's his wife's friend (Tracy). She doesn't have many guy friends and she has been married for 15 years... during which her and her husband were the only ones - neither of them had dated others, they have even separated and gotten back together.

I would rather be friends with guys because they are not so judgemental and backstabbing - if they have a problem, they will say it to your face, not get an attitude.

ANYWAY... Tracy seems to get upset or jealous when Steve and I talk. I can tell by her attitude that she is having issues, and it bothers me because I am not doing anything wrong, but she is nasty when she is in that mood and I don't even bother. But it hurts me... Steve doesn't seem too concerned because he keeps in contact with me and we are still good friends.

I wonder if Tracy's mad at me, or if she's just jealous that I am "one of the guys" who doesn't get offended by sexual jokes, blonde jokes, inappropriate statements or comments... and she is just left to be in her own little world. The guys I hang out with are great - they buy me lunch, call me sweetheart, tell me I'm pretty, compliment me, include me, and all those things.

Is it possible that someone could actually be jealous of what I have?

And why should it concern her? It's not her life? In most cases, this whole thing wouldn't faze me, but her attitude is what throws me off guard.
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