22 July 2011

scream and yell

If you plan to complain and yell about something and at someone... get the facts before you blow!
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18 July 2011

you told me to write a list

But you never gave me structure. I can do a list... and put it all down. I will write it down... but you have known me long enough to see my path.
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12 July 2011

I hate it when...

You make plans for me
You expect me to drop everything
You want me to always be pleasant
You want me to put up with crap
And more...

10 July 2011

little black dress

Will I ever own one? Need I say more?
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stress and ugly

I feel fat and ugly. I am sick of being this way. I hate myself, my body, everything. I am so tired of being alone. I hate myself. I hate this. I want to find a way to lose weight. Any suggestions? I am at my wit's end!
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01 July 2011

Flip flops and sandals

If people can't walk normally in flip flops or dandled WITHOUT dragging their feet - then put tennies on!!!!!!


If my education exceeds that of my boss, or manager, will he feel differently about me? Will he look at me different? Will he treat me different?
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