30 July 2013

this is hard

Im having a rough one today....lost alone stressed fat and overwhelmed. Its been a long time but feeling like making a cut would release the anxiety........

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29 July 2013

Has anyone read The Secret?

Tell me what you think...

mama claws come out

You can mess with me... but DO NOT... I repeat "Do not" mess with my son... or any other family. I might forgive... I do not forget... I might not get mad, but trust me... getting even might be on the horizon. I am a mom, I am protective, I am bullheaded... and I do not always play well with others... just saying...

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hardest thing

The hardest thing to do is to keep negative thoughts out of your head....

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25 July 2013


The past few days, since I've been back from my trip, I haven't slept well because my brain won't shut off. Its killing me!

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