24 August 2007


Have you ever had that time where you start to wonder if you will ever catch up, if you will ever get everything done, if you will ever be able to think straight in the sea of confusion?

It started yesterday when I felt like I was still buried alive and really wasn't sure which direction to go in, as everything has a priority and everything needs to be done yesterday.

I go to bed at night thinking about everything I need to do, my mind won't shut down thinking of everything that is waiting for me, and then I walk in in the morning and hit the sea of "stuff" with no idea what to do first. I need to do everything, but there is a part of me that doesn't want to do a damn thing!!!!!


15 August 2007

Okay then, they tell me I'm OBESE!!

Having a melt-down here... which is not good, from my point of view...

We had a wellness meeting and they took all the bad things... weight, height, body fat, BMI, you name it... all those things that the people with eating disorders despise.

Well, my day went to hell in a handbasket at that point... I did go down in weight... yippee skippee!!!! That's good... right? But then they said my BMI is less than 30 - so I am still "clinically" overweight. But then there is the ever popular Body Fat!!! The scale says I'm 42%, the book says I should be 33%, so I am now... "clinically obese"... If the overweight wasn't bad enough, the obese thing has just kicked my ass......
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