03 February 2007

People Dont Understand

Okay, I am frustrated... especially with people who don't seem to understand...

I am a single full-time mom, who works full time. I would like to have a life. I would like to find happiness. I would like to have enough time to myself to take a hot bubble bath without someone pounding on the door...

But it just isn't happening. I am happy with my life, as it is the one I chose. I divorced my ex because he was irresponsible and abusive. At that point, I figured, if I was going to be a single mom, I would do it myself!!!!

Anyway, where this is all coming from is that I just received an email from a friend who is upset with me because I don't have time for them. They are single, never-married, no children, and just one job.

This has upset me because, unless you have been in my shoes (or any single parent who works full time), you have no right or possible reason to feel the desire to judge who I am or what I am doing. As I have always said, to my friends and to my child, that my family and job comes first. My theory is that either you accept it and deal with it or get the hell away from me.

I am angry that a "friend" would turn on me like that, but then again, maybe they weren't really a friend to begin with. I am happy with the ones who seem to stand by me and feel I have come along way. I also have several that are married with kids who tell me that they admire me for all I do, because it's not easy.

I know I have many people who tell me how good I am doing and how strong of a person I am, but one person with a bad attitude really took the wind out of my sails... I can only try... My child is mine forever. I guess friends come and go... but true friends are there through thick and thin. I have so many true friends and I love them for being here for me.

No Life... For Now

I have found out, during this past week and a half, that I have no life. It's not a bad thing... but it's not a good thing either.

My child has been sick with the cold that is going around, so he has been coughing, with a sore throat. I am still working full-time, and fighting the cold also. For the past week, I have worked all day and then come home to a hot bath and went to bed. I have probably slept more this past week than I normally do in a month. I am still fighting it, but people are starting to wonder if I still exist. Between work and sleep, I haven't even had the energy to log into the computer. I would come home, turn it on, lay down, doze off, get up, turn it off, and go back to bed.

This past week and a half have totally sucked... I can't wait until everyone is feeling better again...
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