16 November 2014


Last night it snowed.

It's amazing how waking up to snow, with an overcast sky, can make a difference in your mood. A not so good difference...

This is my first winter with my new car, so it's like riding without training wheels for the first time.

Last night it snowed enough to be slippery. The salters didn't get out before I had to pick up my son from work so I was very cautious. Even a sheriff was wondering. Nope, no texting, no talking, not even any singing... Just watching the road and getting a feel for the new car. 

Too much stress... Burned me. It's amazing how concentrating so hard can make you melt down.

I was exhausted by the time I got home last night.

This morning it had kind of froze so stress day 2. Ugh. Not impressed.

Then woke up late, ran late, had to be in three places at once, doing 2 things at a time, keeping track of three people, and trying not to melt down... I did, tears fell... Quietly... Softly... I dried them as they fell so no one would notice.

I could use a hug about this time. Just to know that things will be alright.

11 November 2014

Special someone

He came into my life around 7 years ago.

We met online and hit it off.

He is someone very special and makes me feel complete.

Have you ever had someone like that in your life?

When you find someone who makes you feel complete, cherish them and enjoy every moment.

07 November 2014


Went to work out tonight.

There is a guy there who is a sweetheart... And cute.

When I left, he asked if I'd be there tomorrow. I told him "no but maybe Monday". He then replied with "Tuesday. See you Tuesday".

Sweet!!! Made my night!!!!! 😋

06 November 2014

Fat day clothes

Woke up feeling bloated. Which is soooo not cool.

Wearing my "fat day" clothes.

Anyone else have those?

04 November 2014

Things Mama Always Taught Me...


DO NOT discuss MONEY


Apparently people have forgotten that.
I haven't, so don't ask me....
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