30 March 2012

Friday Confessional


I am a serious procrastinator!!

I hate having sit-down dinners... my mom complains that I don't eat enough and it doesn't pay to make dinner.

I am totally not-thrilled with my job at this point.

I have colored my hair, hated it, then re-colored it! (I am my aunt's [the beautician] worst nightmare!)

I am sooooooo glad it's Friday!


29 March 2012

classic tv

Flipping through the channels...

Now I'm watching "the red green show"

Wow... Yep, its a classic.

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WWTK Wednesday Wk 50


{1} What is something that you currently spend money on that you consider a splurge or frivolous?
I buy myself a new CD or magazine

{2} Tell us about your first paying job. How old were you?
I was a paper-delivery person... if that counts, at 13. Otherwise, I started working in the office of a national non-profit company during high school - I was 16.
{3} Do you plan date nights and extras into a monthly/weekly budget?
Maybe once or twice a month, I go to a local wine bar and hang with my bud... her and I have dinner and some wine.
{4} Share one of your money saving tips with us.
Not go anywhere...  (honest)

And finally, Christine @ http://cmgendreau.blogspot.com wants to know:
{5} If you won the lottery - would you spend it frivolously or use what you need and save the rest? Why?
I would probably pay off my bills and then... who knows... maybe take a vacation...  (I know, I'm boring!)


27 March 2012

Coffee Withdrawl... why is it MY responsbility????

Okay, so, we are on the final week of this month... and I can't be happier... I cannot wait for this month from hell to go away...

Yesterday the coffee pot broke... well, it didn't really "BREAK"... it just quit working properly. They came to me to call the repair guy. So I did.

Mind you, I don't drink coffee... so I did my "duty" and called for service.

Considering we have a bldg full of engineers and production people who live with an IV attached to their arms, filling the constant requirement for caffeine...

Yesterday was rough... they were already starting to show symptoms of withdrawl. It was NOT a pretty site... and then, when I came in this morning... at 6:30am (mind you... BEFORE my day even officially starts)... I was advised that the coffee machine was STILL broke.

Okay. Yeah. So?

There's a vending machine in the lunchroom... oh yeah, you would have to PAY for it then... and I am sure there are tons of gas stations and Starbucks along the route to work also... oh, but wait... you would have to PAY for it there also!

Anyway, I got three hits this morning about the machine being down. I really wanted to tell everyone EXACTLY what was on my mind... but I didn't. I bit my tongue... and called service... again... for a second time... and then again for the third time.

I was at the point that if I heard "when will the machine be fixed" or "I can get a new coffee company in here tomorrow", I was ready to scream. (As if tomorrow will work... withdraw anxieties are already setting in today... by tomorrow everyone might be dead!)

The poor service guy made it, I met him at the door. He smiled and apologized, he was out yesterday (obviously the dispatcher did not know that... which leads to the whole communication issue... but let's not get me started on that!).

He fixed it and no one bothered him or stood over his shoulder. As he left, he smiled, I said thanks... and sent a message out to the world that the coffee machine was fixed. It was like a parade of ants to a picnic... lining up to get their daily fix... 

23 March 2012

Bloggy Mom Blog Dare... Unhealthy Habit... 03*23*12

a mom blog community

Friday March 23, 2012 - My most unhealthy habit.

Let me tell you. I am sure I have many of them, like so many of us, but I guess my one major habit is eating bad food. In most cases, I behave, but I have my guilty pleasure and cravings. I love the cheese-filled pretzels. I buy them when I am having one of those moods and I will eat a whole box without thinking twice... something about them...

Oh well, guess it could be worse...

Five Question Friday

1. If you were free to just hop in the car and drive, where would you go? Or, if you could hop a plane and go anywhere, where? Phoenix, to visit my "sis"

2. What's your most recently read favorite book? Designated Fat Girl

3. What's your favorite Spring Break memory? I went out to South Dakota to visit my Grandpa. (my first plane ride)

4. What do you put in your child's Easter basket? Or, for those w/o kids, what was put in your childhood basket? Hardboiled, colored eggs, jelly beans, and chocolate eggs.

5. Do you get a summer haircut?  Sometimes... depends on how warm it is outside... I hate it when my neck gets warm!

Friday Confessional 3.23.12



I hate when my pants don't reach the top of my shoes... they then look too short.

If I am not happy, I will change clothes 5 times before I leave for work in the morning.

I love it when it rains.

I do not answer the phone at home unless it's absolutely necessary. I'm on the phone all day at work, why the hell would I want to be on the phone at home!?

I Received An Award!! Woo Hoo

I received the Tell Me About Yourself award by Nani and The Chronicles of Nani! I am totally excited and honored to receive this award!

The rules for accepting this award are that you must thank the person giving it.
Thank you Nani - You Rock!!!!

Then share 7 things you think people might find interesting about you and...

1.  I have had a couple poems published
2. I hate having my picture taken
3. I have become addicted to blogging
4. I enjoy cooking
5. I am not a big fan of going out to eat
6. I have only a couple really good friends
7. I am truly an introvert.

... select 7 fellow bloggers to give the award to!
(you DO realize that limiting it to 7 is VERY difficult...)

1. Stasha at The Good Life
2. Kim at My Inner Chick
4. Mamarazzi @ Dandelion Wishes
6.  TerryAnne @ Sharing Sexy Thoughts

22 March 2012

Gonna be one of those days...

According to my horoscope, I think Maxine hits it on the head today...

Random Thursday!

we want to know wednesday 3/21/12


Crazymama's questions....

{1} How many phones do you have in your household? (cell, smart, land lines)
Physically, we have 8 operating phones in our house

{2} Are you brand loyal? (Apple or Android or something else?)
Not really, I do like my android though...  did like my blackberry too...

{3} Would you rather talk on the phone, text or email?
Text or email - I spend the day at work on the phone.

{4} What do you think of Video chat? what do you use? (skype, facetime? google talk?)
I have installed Skype, but don't know how to use it.

Fulfilled Mommy @ http://threekidsfouryears.blogspot.com/ wants to know:
{5}What is your favorite gadget? (Tablet, cell phone, etc.)
My cell phone I guess...

{6} If you had to pick just one technological gadget, (computer, cell phone, smart phone, tablet)and it was the only one you could use for a year, which would you pick? explain why.
My smart phone... it can do everything!

21 March 2012

It's Wednesday, I'm here

I just was reading the post from the Sarcasm Goddess and about Ranting.

Yep, sometimes when you feel the need, just do it! I know that there are definitely days I need to just let it all out, but then again, there are times when I feel I need to sensor myself or restrict myself.

It's not like I scream and holler about people... well, just stupid people doing stupid things... or just the frustration of people just not thinking! (My latest, biggest pet peeve is those people who insist on parking in the "No Parking Fire Lane" in front of the gas station to run in a get their morning cup of coffee!) My luck, I would do it once, on accident, and the cop would be waiting for me... everyone else... nothing... no cop, no ticket... no nothing... me... big red flag!!!!

I am pretty anonymous but there are days when I would actually like to go up to several people and give them a good "DiNozzo slap" upside the back of the head... as we probably all would like to do on occasion.

I am here, I am ranting... only a little... but it sure as hell feels good!

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