28 May 2009

Summer is coming...

Last night, laying in bed, thinking that summer is right around the corner.
I do not like anything about me. I am sick of being alone. I am sick of being frustrated. I am sick of feeling like I am lost in the world. Then, I might as well add the fact that I am sick of the way I look. I have a friend, who has lost weight and she looks so good. The problem is - she has done it by not eating. I have talked to her about it, because I have been there, done that.... but, in a sick way, I am jealous of her. She is now thin, pretty, and even has a boyfriend, after her recent divorce. I feel like a fat ugly lump and need to do something about it.
Today is a new day and today I am starting back on the "habits" that will (hopefully) get me to where I need to be in the next couple weeks. I just need to stick with it... no matter what.

22 May 2009

People in Control

Have you ever worked with someone who feels the need to be in control of everything - having the final say and making all the plans?

05 May 2009

Should I Feel Bad?

We have been having meetings at work, with the CEO, financial directors, and even the Board.
The CEO is a great guy and very down to earth. I have not once had a problem with him. He treats me with respect and introduces me to others with the highest regards. Several other people have made comments that he is old-fashioned and does not want to see women succeed or work in management roles. I don't see that, but I guess we are all equal. I have never got that feeling from him. I am not afraid to say Hi to him as I pass him or even laugh with him. He does not act like he is above the rest of us, so I don't feel intimidated by him. Should I? A lot of the women around me seem to keep their distance from him, because of his position within the company. He approaches me and talks to me. He jokes with me and laughs with me. He acts like I'm a human. Is that wrong?
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