31 January 2014


I know I don't feel good because I really haven't eaten much.... But I haven't eatenuch because I don't feel good.


I m losing weight, which is good. That's my goal but I feel exhausted and my mood is really kinda low. Just not happy with everything and part of me doesn't feel like it cares. I hate this cold dreary weather too. It messes me up too. Thank goodness it's Friday. Tomorrow I can sleep in.... Wish me luck on that... Body will be awake by 6am. Oh well.

22 January 2014

Struggle today

I'm pacing and my mind is wandering.

This morning my son called me out on the calories I watch and that he is aware that I don't eat enough.

It's been hard. I am mentally struggling with do much right now. I don't feel good and that doesn't help.

I know I will be fine but I am having issues internally.

My mom called me out on the calories the other day and today my son did the same thing.

I don't feel like I'm starving but my family does. I wish I could understand all these feelings.

18 January 2014

Battling food again

Have a down slide. Not really hungry, don't feel like eating, even my mom is on my case. Not up to eating. Know I should but just not for it. Feeling fat. Although I am still down 50+ lbs since November 2012, I feel the need to lose more because I feel fat and depressed. Been battling a sinus infection so it's been hard to work out so I am missing the gym. I need to get back at it....
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