27 July 2007

I Hate the Feeling of Not Knowing

I hate the feeling of not knowing what is coming next. Have you ever known that something was going on and something was going to happen, but you're left in the dark? Looking over your shoulder? Waiting on that fateful moment?

I hate the feeling of not knowing...

24 July 2007

Yes, but...

Oh, right now rationale is out of the question... I have experienced a few side effects and health issues and no one seems to understand my rationalization.

My blood sugar has been running really low... because I haven't been eating enough... yes, but the scale still says I'm fat...so I don't really eat...

My iron count has dropped to a low and I have been drained with a major headache for 3 days and it has a lot to do with not eating right... yes, but the scale still says I'm fat... so I don't really eat.

I can wear short skirts and show off my body... but... yes, but the scale still says I'm fat... so I change to something big and baggy.

I am so hungry and really need to eat because my body feels like I have been hit by a semi... but... yes, but the scale still says I'm fat... so I don't...

Yes, but...

23 July 2007

Real Life "what NOT to wear"

I am a people-watcher. I am very self-conscious of what I wear and how I look. If I feel I look fat or the clothes look too tight, or whatever, I change. If I am uncomfortable, I won’t wear it. It may also depend on my mood. And then there are some places that certain outfits are not appropriate.

But then there are people out there who wear things that I would not be caught dead in, unless I knew I could pull it off… kinda like a “what not to wear” episode.

There is one person in our office who tries to wear things that she SHOULD NOT wear – she doesn’t have the body or the grace to wear some of these outfits.

Recently she wore an outfit that concerns me… her body is not proportioned and she has little or no grace. Her body is “thick” and some outfits don’t do it for her… she actually looks trampy.

Her legs are short and thick, she has no muscle tone, she is pasty white and the dress she is wearing only comes down about 6 inches below her butt. She doesn’t wear panty hose, she wears sloppy flats (or goes barefoot), and the dress is a bright color, which draws more attention to the “not to wear” part. She sounds like a horse walking down the hall, especially when she is barefoot. And then she flops in her chair and rattles the whole place. Taking no concern to her dress being too short to do that.

Obviously gracefulness is not in her vocabulary… and neither is professionalism.

She always looks like she has just rolled out of bed or she got dressed in the dark.

If you don’t have the body, some outfits were not meant to be worn… especially in public!!!!!

13 July 2007

I Need Some Advice

I have a good friend who is getting married. She has changed her whole life for this guy, including letting him move in with her (3 years ago), take her car, manage her finances, and instill some not-so-good habits. He was not upfront and honest with her in the beginning, so now she is feeling the repercussions.

He is a great guy, but has problems being responsible. Since he has moved in, he has changed jobs at least 5 times (because he doesn't like them), driven them deeply into financial debt, and has assisted her in gaining back every pound she has ever lost (and more). Now they look like each other, heavy-set and dependent on each other.

They still insist, even in their financial state, of going to the bar several nights a week, eating out frequently, and buying more things they don't truly need. I don't know if they realize that they need to pay back what they use the credit cards for?

Anyway, they are getting married and, from knowing her all these years, she wants someone in her life to help her not be alone. She is not good at being alone and I think that is why she is doing this. She just needs to have someone there. This wedding they are planning is extravagant and way over the top (and they are paying for it?????). The wedding party has to travel out of town and spend 3 nights in a hotel.

My problem is that she asked me to help, which is fine, but she has gotten an attitude with me because I don't have free time to be there when she needs me. I have a full-time job and work 11 hours a day. I have a family and I have responsibilities to them. I don't sit at home waiting for her to call and she is unhappy that I don't have a free schedule.

Part of me is so angry with her "mightier than tho" attitude, that I really would like to tell her to stick it in her ear, but I can't . Too bad she doesn't understand...
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