15 September 2013


My BFF and I got together today for grilling out, sipping good wine, and catching up on the last two months of busy lives. We both had so much to talk about but I let her run with the day. There were so many things I wanted to talk about and bounce off her, but I didn't.

Here I am, still thinking, trying to make sense of things, but oh well... I am not one to steal the show of dominate a conversation, so I guess I'm used to it.

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08 September 2013


Yelled at my son and started crying.

I am so mentally burnt I'm not sure which end is up... and then not feeling good only makes it worse.

Sad and lost right now. Unhappy.

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One of those days. And one of those weeks. been under the weather since Thursday. Lots of things going through my head. Overwhelmed and exhausted. Mentally burnt. Feeling lost. Want to talk to someone but no one to talk to send not sure what to say. Wish I could understand these feelings.

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02 September 2013

long weekends... not for me...

Three day weekends are NOT my thing!

I am going crazy. I hate sitting still. I hate not being busy. Cooped up in the house, on a holiday, with no where to go. Aarrgghh!

I feel like my hands are tied and I don't like feeling this way. I want to work on homework, but mom is in the living room. Long story... abbreviated.... mom's house...so I feel bound with what I do and where I go. Anyway....

My mood today kind of sucks. I need to get things done, but its tough. There are so many things that feel "off" today.

I need to work on thinking positive and being upbeat. That is the only way I will get things to change.


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