29 June 2013

Anna Nicole Smith

Tonight I was flipping through the TV channels when I got to E!  The had a show about "The Life and Death of Anna Nicole". It was a good documentary and I was hooked. She was eccentric but I liked her. She had beauty and guts. She went from nothing to everything. There is so much about her.

Sometimes you wonder... what do they really think and feel? Behind closed doors? Out of the spotlight?

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27 June 2013

24 June 2013

really? how annoying...

Doesn't anyone understand how obnoxious it is to sit next to someone and either crunch hard candy constantly... or snap gum!?!?!?
Really? Were ya born in a barn?

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23 June 2013

What to do?

Okay, down 60+ pounds. Hitting a plateau. Fighting it. Hating myself. Struggling. Stressing. Sad. Lost. Even a little unhappy.

02 June 2013

lazy tired

Dreary day. Cooler out. Want just to go take a nap. Don't want to do anything.

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