26 September 2012


I need to get my act together. I have to get myself to the gym, watch my food, and commit myself to it.
Between now and "then", there are events happening I need to work toward... My birthday, the holidays, the Christmas party at my new job, and the hopes of finding inner happiness.
I know if I put my mind to it, I can do it. I just have to stick with it.

19 September 2012

Carbohydrates and cravings - Advice Please!!!

I know it's been a while since I have been here... it's been busy and I am beat, but I think about this space often and wish I had about 30 hours in a day... just to do everything I would like to do... especially writing...

Anyway, I have a conundrum! I am trying to watch what I an eating and doing the whole "sensa" thing, but I am struggling with something... carbs... CARBS!  They hate me... and they are not my friend.


I am a carb junkie... and I am working to cut them out... which is all good... but the lack of carbs make me tired. Is this correct? Or is it in my head? (I have been told it's mind over matter)... but anyway... I love oatmeal and bagels, but I find that if I eat these things in the morning, I crave all day long... I can eat constantly. Is my blood sugar spiking? What is happening?

I am having a meltdown with all these feelings... I had oatmeal this morning and am totally hating myself right now!

Please... anyone?

15 September 2012

yadda yadda yadda wah wah...

I just got home from my early morning appointment. My son has been awake. I walked in and said I was going to lay down. My son then followed me into my room and talked for 15 minutes... About Call of Duty, our cats, OMG facts, etc etc... Okay, so now he's out of words... I am taking a nap...

12 September 2012


Cutting down on carbs. Having trouble but keeping up with it.  Body going through withdrawl.... Tired and headaches, but my metabolism doesn't like carbs. I pay the price. Anyone have any ideas to pass on? I am a carb junkie... Help!!!!!

10 September 2012

my "new life"

I started my new job last month, meaning I have a new schedule, a new routine, new situations, and the inability to catch up to myself.

I love the job, the people are great, but battling the high school drop off carpool line sucks... And stresses me out. Can't get used to sleeping in so the cats and I are up at the crack of dawn. Everyone else is up so they are in my space. And the list goes on. Maybe someday it will flow... But don't know when...

01 September 2012

in which I am slacking

Since I started my new job three weeks ago, my blog has been neglected. I need to get settled in to a new routine. These last 3 weeks have been starting at 7am, but now we are back to 8am. Eventually I will catch the swing. The good news is that I LOVE the job. Now I just need to schedule homework, blogging, and exercise... And I should be back on track.
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