18 February 2014

Swim suit season?

I received my first swimming suit catalog in the mail today. Granted, we have been in perpetual frozen tundra since December. Today we hit 40, saw the sun, and I got a catalog for swimming suits.... From Victorias Secret.

Guess I have to get my act in gear.

01 February 2014

Doing things

We all do things for a reason. Some times they are for good reason, some times for bad, some times for benefit, some time for spite. I have found that I do things because, in my mind, they make sense and I can justify them. But in the big picture... They aren't really WRONG or BAD... They just might not be the best choices at the moment or for the situation. I don't see anything with them but others might feel my choices are not the smartest. If they understood the situation or even my thinking, they might see it differently, but they might not. Every thing is different, every day is different, everything has a different purpose and meaning. Consider the thoughts before jumping to conclusions.


Today is a day that has been tough. I woke up feeling like hell. I'm not hungry. My weight is still down. I journal my food on line but there are days when I don't post because I don't want anyone to see what I ate because I know it's not enough. I know, in mind, what's right and wrong but it's tough to overcome. Today I was snacking on some lunch meat. Mom didn't say a word because she knew I hadn't eaten much so she didn't complain. I am mentally and emotionally torn... 
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