30 June 2011

Yada yada yada

OMG! I am watching a movie and my child is chattering away! About anything and everything. I am not sure if he's talking to himself, the cats, the TV... or just to hear himself talk. He is driving me nuts! Aarrgghh!


I am laying here and depressed. I hate everything about me. I feel gross. Do you ever wonder if you were meant to be alone?

29 June 2011


When something happens that doesn't seem normal, I get all frustrated and start jumping to conclusions. This is not good and is a serious part of my stress level!

28 June 2011


Why do I have to deal with this? I try to phrase my questions in a way that doesn't get me yelled at. I can't seem to win. I hate feeling like this. Why do I need to watch what I say and how I react? My son is pushing my buttons and I am ready to scream but I bite my tongue!

A quiet place

I used to have a quiet place to go, to think, but that has changed. The car isn't quiet - I need to call with my whereabouts. The bubble bath isn't quiet - there are knocks on the door, someone always seems to need to get in. So I have (currently) narrowed it down to the tanning bed - music loud, phone off, 15 minutes for me... too bad my brain won't shut off! This sucks!

Why bother?

I get dressed up for you, to make you smile, but I was obviously mistaken. You don't seem too concerned or even seem to care. I guess I don't matter anymore. Should have known you would go back with her. What have I done to lose you like this? Right now I am so stressed and angry that I want to get mad and scream. I want to hate you but it is hard. Why me? What have I done?
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