20 January 2013

Happy Sunday

I know my timing has been sporatic, but I am still here. I am reading more about cutting wheat out of my diet, learning how to eat healthy, and even considering doing a 5k run/walk (in my case it'll be more of a walk) but still...

My son goes to the gym with me and he prefers swimming. I enjoy it too, but I like lifting weights and doing cardio. I am kind of a toner at the gym.... I would rather turn on my ipod and enter my own world.

I guess if I do the 5k, it'll be on my own, but part of me knows its for the best, but another part if me wishes I had the support....

Anyway.... Sweet dreams my fellow peeps. Have a good evening.

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10 January 2013

parking ...

Yes, We all like front row parking... And if a spot is there, will grab it.... But I am not one to sit and wait for some poor soul to pull out, nor do I stalk innocent people walking to their car to find their soon-to-be-open spot. I am one who, if someone is sitting there waiting for me to get to my car, I will put my stuff in and go back toward the store!!

Anyway, where this us going....
I went to the gym tonight after the "new years resolution rush"... And there were at least a dozen spots open, but there were one or two people who insisted on waiting for front row people to leave!

Hellooooooo...... We are at the gym... What part of "walk" and "exercise" are We misunderstanding here??? Or maybe they are the ones just there to look pretty.... Who knows...

Just park the car and walk!!!! It ain't gonna kill ya!!!!!!!

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Working out...

Nothing beats the rush a person gets when they push themselves and exercise.... Except when your trainer, even on off-days, tells you that you are going well and keep up the great work.
Wow... Definitely an incentive to keep Working hard.

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Commitment vs obsession

At what point does the fitness commitment become an obsession?

I am working out and losing weight. I am counting my calories. and I love the fact my clothes are big, but I cannot see it in myself.

I get all hung up on calories and eat too few, even when I work out. I have a number I am aiming for, which is my IBW.

There is so much going through my mind that I am truly not sure any more.

When is the commitment I am making to myself become an obsession?

06 January 2013

Current Read

From a recommendation, I am reading...

Wheat Belly: Lose the Wheat, Lose the Weight, and Find Your Path Back to Health

I have always struggled with eating carbs and how they seem to make we crave more sweets. By reading this book, I have been enlightened about how this works and what it does. The sweets thing worries me, especially with diabetes regular in our family.

This is a good book and very interesting. After reading into it and then going to the store, I can see how this would be difficult to do, as it takes dedication.

If you are interested in more info, check out this book.


by OPI

Bottle look.

Only thing is the rough texture on the nails once dry.... But way cool!!!!

Liquid Sand polish

Steal the night

01 January 2013

My Trainer...

I have mentioned him earlier... maybe only once.... but I will mention him again...

He is a doll. I love him to death.... he pushes me to my limits, eggs me on, forces me to my limits, and is still there when I am not having a training session with him.

Okay, he is younger than me, but I can talk to him. We laugh and joke, even as he is pushing my body to the limit with extreme weights.

He is cute... love his smile... and his laugh...

Is it bad that I might have a crush on my trainer?

I can push myself when we work together... I feel like it's all good. When I am trying something I might struggle with, he is always there for me. He spots me, he guides, me, he helps me... even if he is pushing me beyond my comfort zone.

I have wanted to get toned for some time and wanted to lose weight... maybe this is my incentive. He has mentioned that I look like I have lost inches... my family hasn't even said anything.... maybe working out with him will help me keep on the right track to losing weight and getting trim.


New Years Day 2013

Long time coming - it's been a long year.

My new year is hopefully a little smoother.... but it will need to be proven.

Last year, I joined the gym and finally got back into it.

Yesterday, I signed up for the Body Challenge.... I want to get a body worth looking at...
I still want to lose weight... since Thanksgiving, I have lost close to 20#, but my "ideal body weight" is still 40 more pounds away.

I am going to set myself with my resolutions and will move from there. I know I can do it if I really want it bad enough... What about you?????

I have already been at the gym today and I feel good... Guess I should eat something though. Anyway.........

Wishing everyone a terrific New Years and may all your wishes and hopes come true!
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