24 September 2009

It is Going to be A long day

Have you ever woke up in the morning to figure that it is going to be one VERY LONG day? Kind of to the point where staying in bed is really the only available option? I woke up too early, couldn't get back to sleep, had issues from the start, got to work and felt like my abilities had been attacked, obviously do not have enough hours in the day (especially since working OT is a no-no during these times). Gee, I don't understand why I can't get 12 hours of work done in 8? Insert EXTREME sarcasm. Maybe I'm lucky I'm hourly and not salary, or I probably would have worked myself into the grave by now - it really sucks to be obsessive-compulsive! Right now, pretty much EVERYTHING sucks.

22 September 2009

Thanks For Nothing!

You make me so mad. I listen to you in there, laughing and giggling like a little girl.

I can tell the way you laugh is so fake. It bothers me so much that you have the nerve to act like that. No wonder I feel like a worthless piece of shit – you make me feel that way. Sometimes I think it is on purpose just because you know it bothers me.

I guess I should just give up. I can’t compete. You have so much more than me and I am just someone lowly. You have a great car and a very bubbly personality. I am more reserved and quiet. I don’t drive anything fancy and I’m not overbearing. I have a hard enough time in life and you just seem to know when to stab the knife deeper and when to give it a twist. It’s apparent I can’t compete – I might as well give up. Lost, alone, and miserable. Thanks for nothing!

21 September 2009

If you don't care, why should I?

My days would be filled with anticipation as you would smile at me and make me feel special.
I would get dressed up, knowing that you appreciated how I looked and that my dressing sexy turned you on.
Lately I feel like you don't look at me like you did. I don't have the energy to dress up. If you don't think I'm sexy, why should I bother? Knowing I turned you on, turned me on.
But now I don't know anymore. Is there someone else? Am I now fat and ugly in your eyes?
Tell me, please. I want to know.
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