24 November 2012

My Fitness Pal

I found a great website/iPad app/smartphone app that is great if watching your weight, etc.

Www.myfitnesspal.com is awesome. I have had to restart using it three times (at least) but now I'm on a roll.

If you have a smartphone or iPad, you can scan barcodes and get nutritional values... Makes it so much easier than trying to input them... Or look them up!

You can document meals, foods, your own recipes, weight, measurements, plus there are discussion forums and individual blogs.

It's free... Give it a shot.

22 November 2012

Thanksgiving Day... Another day

Wishing everyone a happy thanksgiving!

Got up this morning and was up 0.2#

Not happy, but guess I will live.

Got up and went to the gym. Worked out and it felt good. I am truly not sure who I am or what I feel, but it will all get clearer, I'm sure.

I will need to watch my intake tonight and not overdo it. Maybe a day of eating a little more won't kill me. In my mind, yes, but in reality, probably not!

20 November 2012

new Outlook

Am walking a break, journaling my food, trying to walk at lunch.... And them hitting the gym.

Journaling and eating only food with labels is really helping. Makes me more aware.

I know I can do this, but I need to focus.

18 November 2012

focus.... focus....

I have been Working out. Trying to better who I am. I am also putting myself into a place where I am Happy. I am paying attention to me and listening to my own mind. I need to focus on who and what I can be. I know what I would like to see when I look in the mirror. I know who is stuck inside, I just have to focus and put myself first.

14 November 2012

My trainer.... *sigh"

Let me tell you a little about my trainer... he is cute... and young... and in shape.
He makes me smile, makes me laugh, and pushes me to my limits.
If I hated him so much, I wound't keep going back... and I wouldn't pay for his training.
He is so down to earth and when he is pushing my abilities, I don't question him... maybe give him funny looks, but I plow on.
I did notice though, that when he was stretching my muscles out last night, I was in my own world... no one around me but him...

Food and Life

I went to a meeting yesterday and learned how to look at food.
I don't need excess to curvive and I need to know what I'm eating.
My new thing, starting this morning, is if I don't know the calories, I don't eat it.
Need to keep that mentality and hold myself accountable.
So far today, so good.
I feel good, not stuffed or bloated...
this might actually work...

13 November 2012

Why can't I????

If Khloe can be that way, why can't I?

If she can be 5'10" and weight 145lbs, why can't I?

I guess I need to look at the weight and the body structure... but I'm only 5'8" and I am no where near 145lbs.

My idea weight is 145-165... and right now, in this mood, I would KILL to be in that range.

I have been training and working out, and watching my food, but I feel like hell.

I am sad. I hate the holidays... and now I feel even fatter with the holidays coming.

05 November 2012

food question..

For breakfast I had my egg sandwich on a white bagels, instead of wheat bread. I had hunger cravings so bad all day.

Is it because of the white bread versus the whole wheat? Does whole wheat cause those silly cravings? Or just the white?


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weight loss and being accountable

At work, we have a voluntary program to keep us, and our weight, accountable over the holidays. I know I need to focus and pay attention, so I signed up... What the hell? Why not? If I can do this and hold myself accountable, maybe I can make it thru the holidays. I already know what I need to do. If I do what I'm supposed to, my entrance fee is returned. I think I can... I think I can.... I have to... I have to.... I must.... I must....
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