10 December 2007

Kinda Disappointed

I have had a long weekend and am feeling the after-effects this morning. This weekend was a big one for me, a lot of energy and much excitement. I pushed myself to a limit I never felt I would reach, but I did it. But I feel disappointed... not with myself... but with those who let me down. I guess, the way I see it, is... don't make promises you can't (or wont) keep, and don't bother saying it if you don't mean it. I had several people that made promises to my family this weekend and then they backed out on them... not even with so much as a sorry - more of an "I just got lazy and decided not to" and the "I suddenly got tied up and just couldn't do it". I am more upset and frustrated than angry... I want to cry... I feel like I am not worth it... like my family isn't worth it.

Please, before you make promises, think about if you can keep them... if you can't, then don't, if something comes up, please show courtesy... or Just Don't Bother! I don't need this disappointment... I have enough in my life... I don't need you to let me down too!
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