27 October 2013

a dilemma

I have a close friend who decided to move out of her house and separate from her husband of 8 years. They have a 6 year old child.

She "needs her space" but there is s guy (who just got divorced) who is a lost puppy and had set his sights on her.

Problem is... he doesn't know when to stop, stay away, or listen. His presence is causing much awkwardness, along with tension from her husband, in front of their child.

I am close with her but I don't like how she's handling this whole situation since both herself and the guy are trying so hard to find something they feel has been missing.

I don't want to be s bitch, but its awkward.

I don't know what to do or say.

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15 October 2013


My day has totally sucked. I'm pissed and frustrated. Things went from bad to worse.

Want to crawl under the covers and hide.

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Today is name-dropping, talking loud, and talking on the phone with a mouthful of food.

Its very difficult for an obsessive compulsive to work for a micro manager.

Long day!!!!!

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11 October 2013

uhhhhhh.... ummmmm...

Back in school, I remember when teachers would measure how many times you used these words in a conversation

How professional is it NOT when a person calls a customer and uses those words 15 times (I counted) in a 5 minute voice mail message????

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04 October 2013


How does someone chew gum and talk at the same damn time? Do that not understand its not meant to be done?

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