15 August 2011

food - my enemy

I get a craving for something like a big sloppy Burger or fries with Cheddar cheese, which I don't eat but one or two times a year. But then I think about it and deny myself because I know it is full of fat and calories!

I am terrible. I look at fat and calories before I splurge ... so I don't. Is this self-denial or self-destructive?
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10 August 2011

bad food

I gave into a craving. Its been so long since I had the subway seafood sub. I bought it, I ate it, it was soooooo good, and I do feel guilty, but tomorrow is a new day!
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08 August 2011

todays post

Feeling fat, ugly, and oh so gross! Just want to pull the covers back over my head and cry!
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05 August 2011

miserable day

Woke up this morning, feeling fat and gross. The weather has changed and now I feel like hell, my body aches, my sinuses are stuffed up, and my head is going to explode! I want to just go back to bed and collapse!
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04 August 2011

not up to par

I am exhausted and not feeling like it is worth anything. Have you ever felt down, wanting to cry, just overly unhappy? I am stressed and frustrated, angry and depressed, lonely and confused. Why do I feel this way? What is wrong with me?
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I am so frustrated with myself. I want to hide in a hole and disappear. Life so totally sucks right now.
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