31 October 2009

Have you ever had to live your life in one room? Almost like a caged animal. I am starting to go crazy!

29 October 2009

Why do I tend to feel so threatened by small things? I wonder if I have done something wrong?

14 October 2009

Today I was frustrated, it started rough. I've enlisted the help of the laws of attraction. I have also tried the higher powers. I hate feeling helpless.
I get so mad. Why do you do this to me? I feel like you are here one minute and then gone the next. Am I only good enough when you need something?
I miss you so much. I miss how you make me feel. I'm lost without you.

01 October 2009

Do you believe in Laws of Attraction?

For the past several weeks, I send two messages out in the morning, every few days.
With the way life has been, I understand and don't get any replies. I feel hurt. No one knows that this is what happens. I have started looking into the Laws of Attraction and have started the mantra for magnetism. This morning, which reciting the mantra, I sent those two messages again. This time, in less than 15 minutes, both replied, with more than just simple answers. I am going to keep working on it and hopefully have something good come out of this.
Have a good day.
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