25 April 2013


Weather sucks
Woke with a headache
Feel like shit.
Really just wanna disappear today.

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16 April 2013

My "new" phase and the struggles within

I have to admit that it's been 5 months since I started this "awakening" to become a better me... physically and mentally.

It's been tough. Physically, I have lost weight, I have cut down on the junk I'm eating, I have made valiant efforts to be at the gym regularly (including holidays).... Mentally, it's all a matter of mind over matter. I need to keep an eye on what I am doing and know what is right and wrong...

But I have to admit... I am struggling... every day I find myself battling my past demons. The demons of my ED, the demons of mind over matter, the demons of what I need to do. It hurts and it's a struggle.

I thought I had this licked, but not completely... obviously. I am enjoying this new part of me.

I just wanted to admit it.... I will post more later.

14 April 2013

losing weight and food for thought...

I have lost considerable weight since November and its been mainly due to hard work.
People keep asking how I'm doing it. I bet I would get more feedback by saying "I had plastic surgery" then I get by saying "by watching what I eat and cutting out a lot of carbs".
People seem more curious when it costs money... Not when it requires hard work.
Food for thought......
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