11 June 2008

I just have to vent - Sorry

I work with this girl, Jill. She seems to believe she is mightier than thou and that basic jobs are beneath her. She doesn't like to answer the phone, she can't seem to multi-task, she doesn't handle stress well, she doesn't know how to prioritize. Everyone else suffers because of her "mightier than thou" attitude. And then she has the guts to tell people off-site that she is overworked and needs help. She doesn't understand that by trashing her co-workers, she is making us look like shit. She is one of those that seems to need to be validated. She needs people to be there to hold her hand and help her because she won't take the responsibility when something goes wrong... and in words... SHE doesn't make any mistakes... she has found ways to blame everyone else... She even blames her parents for how she raises her own kids. WHATEVER!!!!!!

Had to vent, feel better, thank you.
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