19 August 2010

The Hand that Feeds You

I am off today and tomorrow it's over.
I am sure you will think it is all back to normal. Right now, you both probably think I am a total bitch because of my mood and tone, but it has never occurred to you that it is a product of your own actions. You have no flipping idea that you created this monster that has been here the last 2 days. You are totally blind and ignorant. I am a piece of shit and she is young, thin, pretty, and obviously smitten on you.

When this week is over and we are back to our schedule, please realize that things have changed. Next week, you will need me and need my help. But I am warning you ahead of time that you need to think REALLY CAREFULLY about this. Just remember who's hand you bit when this was all happening. Just remember, I am wounded and angry. Your best bet is to just turn around and walk away. Remember, I am not pretty and sexy to you anymore. There is obviously someone else and you were not afraid to hurt me in the process.

Back away, stay away, and go to hell!

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