20 October 2014

Work and Marriage

How do you work with your spouse when you are separated?

It just seems like it would be tough. 

I guess it is possible unless you are the only two employees. In my ex-husband's case.... That was us. It was us... And it was hard enough when we were married.

I know a couple going through it right now... They work in different departments but the interaction between the two represented departments can be either all or nothing... Depending.

She is fairly high maintenance. She would rather socialize than do actual work. She would be better as a volunteer doing socialization than doing her job.

It's frustrating. I can see why companies frown on hiring couples.... Since there are more separated and divorced than getting along. No need to add more stress and drama to the workplace!

I guess we will see but I don't think it's going to work. She does not do her job, she loves to socialize, she likes being around the guys in the department, and her dress is less than professional.

If only we can see where it's going to go... 

This should be interesting...

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