24 March 2007

Does anyone have strange quirks?

I am sitting here, eating chips and suddenly realized I have some odd quirks... does anyone else?

Mine, that I can think of right now, are:

* I have to eat all the curled over potato/nacho chips first - the folded over ones taste better
* Snickers bars - have to eat the nougat first and save the peanuts and caramel for last
* Jelly Beans - I pick through the whole bag and eat all the yellows first
* Jujifruit candies - eat all the yellow and red first, throw out the black
* Little Debbie Peanut Butter bars - separate the layers and eat them individually
* I have to have a right and left sock...
* If I get my socks on and feel a fuzzy, I have to take it out - can't live with a fuzzy in my sock.

Let's see, anything else?

12 March 2007

Once Again - Gotta Vent

One more time... I overheard someone say something about me that is none of their business. It is none of anyone's business what I do or who I talk to. No one should be concerned about my abilities. I'm not sure it the anger being portrayed when she talks about me is jealousy, anger, animosity, or what ever... but I am getting flipping sick and tired of it! It's none of her business and I don't deserve her drag through the dirt... I don't talk shit about her, but this is really pissing me off!!!

I needed to vent and get this off my chest before I stress myself out and totally lose it!!!!

It's none of her business!!!!!!! And it'll really piss me off if the other person feels the need to answer her because, being a manager, that's BAD!!!!!
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