11 October 2011

10 things NOT to ask your spouse…

Let’s see, I’ve been married and divorced… so this should be a rather easy list, but then again… (this is not in any specific order…)

1. Can you please pick your dirty clothes up off the floor?
2. When are you going to mow the lawn?
3. Can I borrow some money?
4. Do we have to have pizza again tonight?
5. When you spill, can you please clean it up?
6. What time will you be home?
7. You spent HOW MUCH?!
8. Do you really need another tool?
9. Can you please take out the garbage?
10. What would possess you to do something so stupid????


Betsy said...

9. Can you please take out the garbage?

This is a constant at our house. We've been married for 7 years and still argue about who should take out the garbage. He's says I'm home more often to do it and I say that I got married for two things: So, one, I wouldn't have to take out the trash or, two, do yard work.

I'm only kidding about that, though. Sort of .

Mama Kat said...

Well at least you're saying please! ;)

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