24 October 2011

Have you ever been disappointed?

Have you ever had a time when you did something awesome? Something you worked hard on? Something that was a huge accomplishment?

One of those things that you want to scream and shout and put on a billboard, saying “I DID IT”? But you are one of those people who don’t like to blow your own horn, or draw attention to yourself?

You know that there are people that know you succeeded. But, of all the people who know, the one person who you would like to get a “congratulations” from, is one that doesn’t say a word.

I am so disappointed. It hurts inside. I spent so much time and effort to come this far, and that one person can’t even tell me “good job”.

I am wondering… could it be jealousy? Could it be concern?

Why can’t they just tell me I did good?

I am even that important to them?


Kim said...

I wouldn't lose any sleep over it. Some people just don't get it. All they think of is me, me, me. You are proud of your accomplishments and that is the most important thing.

Anonymous said...

Hey, Tere, you just have to release that desire ... I have searched, longed, hurt for recognition from my mother, though she loves me....praise is not one of those things she gives me...I wasted a lot of energy and tears crying over it ..finally realize she is but flesh ... I seek to set my affections on things above now ...not the arm of flesh that will let you down each and everytime....! YESH YOU DID IT! :)

Tere said...

Thanks for your inputs. Sometimes it is tough to see through the fog. It's easier to deny oneself than stand up and be proud!

Lindsay said...

It could be any of those things, but you shouldn't worry about it too much. It's not worth it to be hurt or disappointed over.

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