16 June 2012

in which I could be considered a bad mom...

My son, as you know, has a never ceasing appetite. He eats out of boredom... And because it is there. My mom buys junk and then gets mad when he eats it. My answer (very unwelcome) is "well then, DON'T buy it!"

It's now summer vacation and I know he doesn't like his weight. To be honest, his dad would be upset.

Anyway, I refuse to buy the junk when I go shopping. Either him and grandma will learn to live with it... Or not. I am NOT contributing. He is home and doesn't need a brown bag lunch, so no crap.

He got upset when I confronted him at the gym about his weight. He started to tear up. I explained that he could lose weight and wear smaller clothes come the school year if he  put his mind to it. I can't monitor him 24/7, but I can give him the tools. I know how he feels, but he has to want to. Grandma doesn't need the junk any more than he does, but she doesn't listen any better than he does!

As a mom with a conscience, and a recovering ED, I can't just sit by. I will not aid and will not enable. He just needs to open his eyes and use the tools.

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