15 February 2013

Another day

Here I sit, at lunch. Walked during break and had my salad for lunch.

This week I am wrapping up week 2 of my college Econ course and am doing okay.

My new job is still awesome (there are a few glitches, but that's to be expected). Everything is good and the people are totally cool.

My son got his braces off... So now we pray he doesn't lose the retainers!

I got back into working out and eating right. My weight is down and I am happy, although I know it's not low enough for my mind. My struggle is the weight, working out, and being thin... All while consciously trying not to fall back into my eating disorders. That is my struggle.

Anyway.... Things continue to move forward and that is good. One day at a time is all I can ask for.

Hope everything is well with each of you, as I apologize for being away, but I think of you often. It's just hard with the new routine. Oh we'll, that'll get easier also I guess, over time.

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