13 November 2012

Why can't I????

If Khloe can be that way, why can't I?

If she can be 5'10" and weight 145lbs, why can't I?

I guess I need to look at the weight and the body structure... but I'm only 5'8" and I am no where near 145lbs.

My idea weight is 145-165... and right now, in this mood, I would KILL to be in that range.

I have been training and working out, and watching my food, but I feel like hell.

I am sad. I hate the holidays... and now I feel even fatter with the holidays coming.


aree1997 said...

Are you talking about Khloe Kardashian?
Oh my , you are the first who hates holidays I guess!


Tere said...

yep, that be the one... and yep, holidays just seem to depress me...

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