16 July 2012

Gotta wonder... is this right... or am I just mistaken?

I am confused... help me here...

I work full-time. I have been back with this company over six years. I have not once been given an actual review... which is normally required for performance and raises... right?

Anyway, last week, I finally got my review... or should I say a Review"? Then again, maybe my first review? Okay, so... mind you, it's the middle of July... the year is 2012. My review covered January to December... the year 2011. Are we behind or what?

I am not sure about this, but since we have a new owner, we are all expected to have reviews. And then, the meeting started with "this review is for 2011... and you have come a long way since then... the statements in these areas are stock, based on the job... I did not write these... I give a rating of 1 to 5 and the system puts in the statements, so they do not accurately reflect what I want you to see..."  Okay, one more time here... is this wrong... or am I just really confused?

How do you honestly work this way... and keep staff morale up to a level where they don't want to tell you to go to hell?????

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