06 July 2012

Taking a break

It's been a time since I have done any substantial postings. There has been so much going on.

The weather here has been unbearably hot... and I HATE hot weather. I would much rather have it sub-zero and wearings 40 layers of clothes. When I get warm and uncomfortable, I become... to be completely honest... a TOTAL BITCH!!! Heat and I do not see eye-to-eye and it is NOT my friend. I can only take so many clothes off and I still hate it.

I have been doing school work, so I am stressed. My son is on a trip, so I am lonely. I have a cat going through separation anxiety, so he has my sleep pattern is totally screwed up because he wants attention and then lays there and "cries" to me (at 2:30am, 3:30am, etc). The heat is taking it's toll on my mom, so I worry about her because she is stubborn and bullheaded (no idea where I get those traits from). I am still "in search of..." and that is still a slow and painful process... and I am getting frustrated there too. It's like everything thing. AARRGGHH!!!

I just haven't felt like me and don't feel like doing anything. So I am on a mental break... and a physical exhaustion. With the heat this past week, hitting the 90s and 100s, I have been to the gym twice and that was it... it is too damn hot to do that. The small pool in our backyard is even registering at 95-deg, so to hell with that being comfortable either.

Thank goodness it's Friday... I am ready to curl up and sleep the weekend away.

Hope everyone has had a good week. I will see you soon... with a better attitude... as soon as this heat breaks...


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