21 March 2012

It's Wednesday, I'm here

I just was reading the post from the Sarcasm Goddess and about Ranting.

Yep, sometimes when you feel the need, just do it! I know that there are definitely days I need to just let it all out, but then again, there are times when I feel I need to sensor myself or restrict myself.

It's not like I scream and holler about people... well, just stupid people doing stupid things... or just the frustration of people just not thinking! (My latest, biggest pet peeve is those people who insist on parking in the "No Parking Fire Lane" in front of the gas station to run in a get their morning cup of coffee!) My luck, I would do it once, on accident, and the cop would be waiting for me... everyone else... nothing... no cop, no ticket... no nothing... me... big red flag!!!!

I am pretty anonymous but there are days when I would actually like to go up to several people and give them a good "DiNozzo slap" upside the back of the head... as we probably all would like to do on occasion.

I am here, I am ranting... only a little... but it sure as hell feels good!


Anonymous said...

I rant ALL the time, if only on paper or my blog.. If there are times when I should keep my mouth shut I haven't learned them. I wasn't raised that way. Communication was always key. We called them, not arguements but "family discussions." And to those people who park in the fire lane.. Don't even get me started!!

Nani said...

I don't publish my rants that name names, but I write them anyway. It just feels good. :)

Susi said...

A good rant can clear the mind as well as the air. :)

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