05 March 2012

Monday Listicles 03.05.12


1. Being completely patient. Yes, I can be... but do I want to be?

2. Telling people "No". My brain can say "no" all it wants, but my mouth always ends up spitting out "Sure, I can do that!"

3. Not Procrastinating. I wait until the 23rd hour for pretty much everything possible... homework, christmas shopping, preparing for a party, etc. You name it. If there is a "last minute" I WILL find it.

4.  Stepping out of my comfort zone.

5.  Speaking to crowds, or even being a part of a large group.

6.  Telling people about my business - which makes it difficult to let anyone know what I do and what I have to offer... Guess I really need to work on this one!

7. Cooking a meal on the fly... can't just come up with something - would rather have nothing than try to figure something out.

8.  Doing things on the spur of the moment - I need to have a plan.

9.  Singing... which is why I sing all by myself in the car!



jacqui said...

I can definitely relate to a lot of your list! A couple of them are even on my things to work on list.

Anonymous said...

Love your lists.. I especially like this one because it shows me what a self inflated ego *I* have.. I'm going to start doing these lists, linking back to you of course. :)

Stasha said...

I spoke to a mom on the playground the other day who was talking about having photos taken wen her new baby arrives, I had my camera around my neck and I was too shy to tell her to consider hiring me. Beat that :)
Time to ourselves... YES! We all need to work on that!

Nani said...

I don't network well, that's where my shy really shines! I networked okay when I had a business. Flyers were great ice breakers at a Chamber of Commerce event, but to just strike up a conversation with a potential customer? That was really hard! I am TOTALLY with you and Stasha there!

Paul Craig said...

Great list. 6 is torture for me. I feel your pain.

AudreyN said...

Public speaking is a fear of mine! So much that I took a speech class online so I wouldn't have to do it in front of others... Kinda ironic looking back now

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