20 March 2012

Monday Listicles (a day late... sorry)

10 reasons my kid has it good

1.  He has clothes to wear (they may not always be clean... but that's HIS issue, not mine!)

2. He has a tv in his room.

3. He doesn't really have a curfew (unless it gets out of hand) because he tends to fall asleep without much difficulty.

4. I don't yell when he takes a 3-hour bath.

5. He has input on the grocery shopping.

6. I don't make him eat foods he doesn't like.

7. He is allowed to hang out with friends.

8. He doesn't overdo his cell phone privileges... hell, it's not unusual for the battery to be dead for two days before he charges it!

9. He knows where my boundaries are and what not to cross.

10. I will defend him to the end and he knows I will protect him...  I AM MOM!!!


Ashley said...

You sound like a good mom!

Stasha said...

#10 really does rock. And judging by how behaved and loyal your boy is, he knows it! You will always have his back!

Anonymous said...

Great kid, great mom, great post! :D

Anonymous said...

Sweet number 10!!

AudreyN said...

Love #10!!! Sounds like its great to be your kid!

Paul Craig said...

9 and 10 are the best. Sounds like you both have it pretty good.

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