03 March 2012


I have received so many comments that I am NOT the only person who just resides in the house owned and ruled by the pets!

From what I am learning... that picture of the dogs playing poker was probably not too far off - their owner just lived in the house to clean up after them also!

This morning, Old Lady got miffed because no one would get up and feed her... spoiled brat... so she dumped her water dish and flipped the dry cat food bowl.

This would be not so unusual for a cat who is the size of, say, a small puppy, but no... please keep in mind that this one is only about 5 pounds and her head is not much bigger than a tennis ball.

She is definitely an itty bitty mighty kitty!! Oh yes, so sweet and innocent until she doesn't get her way! Then WATCH OUT cuz the Bitch is Back!


Susi said...

Ha ha ha...yup. Our kitty lets us know when we are not paying enough attention to her... or when we are paying too much attention to her!!!!:)

Anonymous said...

My dog does the same thing! The lit'l attention seeking whore! It's our fault.. We baby them.. We spoil them and this is the thanks we get.. Much like children come to think of it..

Carole said...

You might like this cartoon about normal people. http://caroleschatter.blogspot.co.nz/2012/03/funny-quote_05.html

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