29 August 2012

Feeling good

Today is the 4th day since I started using Sensa. I am getting used to remembering it. I feel I am doing pretty well, especially since I started on Sunday when we went out for breakfast and had company for dinner. Monday was a group lunch and then company dinner. Tuesday was another group lunch. And I still feel positive. I haven't changed what I eat, so we will see how it works.
After the bad day on the scale, I need to get back on track.
I will keep you updated.


Anonymous said...

What is Sensa?? And good luck! I'm curious to know if it works.

Tere said...

it's advertised on tv. it is the product you sprinkle on your food and it helps you eat less. It started out strong, but it's an ongoing process of knowing when to stop versus cleaning your plate.

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