14 May 2012

05.14.12 Monday Listicles


1.  Someone who loves me unconditionally

2.  Someone who isn't afraid to tell me I'm a dork.

3.  Someone who looks up to me for who I am.

4.  An empty (or emptier) bank account

5.  A reason to spend more time at the store, shopping

6.  A reason to learn the rules of Lasertag

7.  Someone to explain the new trends to me.

8.  Someone who thinks I'm cool, even if I am mom

9.  Someone who always want to tell me about his day.

10.  Someone who gets breakfast made for me.


Susi said...

Gosh, I hope my boy doesn't makes me learn laser tag. And I hope he thinks that I'm at least a little cool. :)

Yoli N. said...

Yes kids are good at keep us up-to-date with trends!

Yoli N. said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Robbie K said...

my oldest lives to tell me what a dork I am in my "nerd clothes".

Stasha said...

Love your #3! You look at the world with such happy eyes!

AudreyN said...

Ha ha ha a reason to do more shopping! So true!

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