30 May 2012

Yeah well, so, I guess I will live... at least till tomorrow

Had to go to the orthopaedic doctor today. Been having trouble with my "good" ankle. Sharp pains that wake me up. On and off. Suddenly sharp and then numb.

The nice doctor told me I would live.

Narrowed it down after x-rays. One spur on my heel, one on the bottom of my foot. And a swollen Achilles tendon. Great. At least I don't have to give up working out... Or wearing my 3 & 4-inch heels.

And the extra time I spent sitting in the doctors office, I was able to get my readings done for school.

Tonight is another dose of allergy meds and early to bed. I have been fighting allergies since Friday...

If I wake up in the morning, I have to do a training workout tomorrow evening. At that point, I will physically die... Of exhaustion and pain... But the trainer is a cutie... Sometimes you have to make compromises!

Good night. Sweet dreams. Until tomorrow....

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