12 May 2012


Went to a banquet tonight. Didn't want to go but no choice.

I chose my salad (which I would have been fine with...) But I had rice with some beef (but not enough according to others). I went to the table and eat.

Mom growled that she thought I was hungry... And I hadn't eaten all my beef.

First... I was working on my salad (which would have been fine except mom paid for dinner) and the beef was salty (although she swears it wasn't).

I just wanted to come home...

I then was handed a square of cheesecake.

Oh please! Grrrrr. I ate part of the chocolate off the top, the raspberry gel and a few bites of the cheesecake. Too rich. Done.

I finally came home.... Feeling absolutely miserable and gross! I so do not want to so that again!

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