11 May 2012


It's Friday - I made it... wooo hooo.... it has been a long one and the road had really gone up and down this week.

My son has been dealing with allergies, so he has been a beast (to put it nicely), mom is another year older... so that just goes to speak for itself... work has been busy... I am still waiting on the the golden chariot to pull up and take me away... 

and for them to call the winning lottery ticket... or even Willy Wonka's Golden Ticket... who wouldn't be able to live in a world filled with lots of candy, giant eggs, and a chocolate stream??? 

Anyway... off track... kinda... but not too far...

I am feeling out of sorts... the doctor has me on a second anti-d med, to help balance out the one the FDA was nice enough to lower the available dosage on. This new one helps to keep me focused and keep dep from going through my head.  I am also on the occasional anxiety dose, to keep me from panic-attack mode... when my chest gets tight and I can't breath. (Serious dude, I am SUCH a mess!!!)

I missed my second anti-d this morning, due to a series of not-typical-routine snafus. I finally took my lunch dose... but focus suck right now... I am working at doing about 12 things. My desk looks like Dorothy & Toto's trip OUT of Kansas... and my mind feels like it is going down the rabbit hole with Alice and the White Rabbit. Wow. What an F'd up day!  I don't understand it... and now that I am flipping all over like ... well, Flipper... my chest is getting tight and I can't see straight.

Yep, just shoot me now. I guess if I'm gonna melt down... I might as well go all the way!!!!!!

Wow. That's all I can say!

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