25 May 2012

Finally Friday - woo hoo!

It is finally Friday... and I can't be more glad! Although, it is still early and my day is already going to hell.

I was up and down all night, so I slept for shit. My child woke up in a snarky mood this morning, so I couldn't seem to get out of the house fast enough.

I have a headache and my eyes don't want to focus... which only tends to lead to the explosive migraine is approximately 20 minutes (can you tell I've had these before?).

It's the Friday before a holiday weekend, so we are on a small staff... great... that is going to totally suck! As if I can't get anything done with everyone here... I won't be able to get anything done with no one here. 

I am going to try to stay in my office, accomplish at least one thing (and that is a big task at this point), and move on to the weekend.

But, knowing my luck... and unforeseen circumstances... I won't happen!!!!!! Trust me... I'm not making wagers and I am not holding my breath... or I will be broke... and dead!

Wishing everyone a good Friday. Enjoy!

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