06 February 2012

Last week

Had my mtg last week. Rode the emotional roller coaster. Had nerves, low points, high points, stress, anxiety, and uncertainty. We left it open. It took until the next day when hindsite kicked in. Still unsure and frustrated. Don't want to play games. Be straight or forget it. If you tell me you will call, then you should call. I am not playing games. If you dont want me, just say so.


Afrodita said...

I hate games too.

"Just stick to what you say would ya?" <-- how hard can this be for people. At work and in real life.


Susi said...

Ugh. Hate innuendos and head games. Hope things will look up!

Huda said...

new follower of your blog with GFC
now follow my blog with GFC

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