17 February 2012

Matter of Opinion

I have a question, of sorts, I guess.

How do you follow up a conversation that leaves you hanging with "I am already as sexy as is legal. I am sexy because I know I am".

Okay, so how am I supposed to take that? I guess I have a hard time because, first of all, it is coming from a guy; secondly, I have never considered myself pretty, let alone sexy.

I don't know why, but when that statement came out of his mouth, I felt like a train hit me. I must have had the look on my face of a dog hearing a high-pitch whistle.

Okay, I am looking for input... how you would take that statement and what does it say to you?


Nani said...

Did he tell you “I am all that” or that you are?

I do believe sexy has a lot to do with what you feel mentally. It’s more mental than anything else! “Dressing sexy” is really only sexy because it makes the person wearing the “sexy clothes” feel desirable, more confident. It’s the confidence that’s sexy.

Unfortunately, if you have to tell someone you’re sexy, you’re not at all confident and therefore, not at all sexy. If he said “I am,” he’s insecure and hoping you’ll support his fragile ego. If he said “you are” he either sees you as confident and admires it or he sees you as someone needing an ego boost.

It is a strange comment.

Tere said...

Yes, it is a strange comment. I wasn't sure where he was going with the statement, but it kinda left me speechless. I know I would never go up to someone and say "I am sexy and I know it". I don't really know.

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