01 February 2012

The winds are blowing... today

Today is the day the winds are blowing me through the day.
I woke this morning, unsure of what I was feeling
or how the day was going to play out.
I have my head on straight and am focused.
I know that I have the ability and the option.
I can do what I set my mind to.
I am talented and smart.
I am not stupid and I am strong.
I need to see myself in a positive light.
I need to realize that I am me and no one can tell me who to be.
No one can tell me what to do or where to go.
I need to look after myself and take care of my family.
Decisions are tough but they need to be made.
I am not good for putting my heart and soul on the line,
but I am learning that tears have to fall if you want to get anywhere.
There is always fear and anxiety.
There is always stress and uncertainty.
But the winds of change blow for a reason.
They only close one door when then open the next.
Today is the day I feel the winds kicking up.

1 comment:

Susi said...

I hope the winds bring only good changes!!!

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