16 November 2011

Fat vs Fluffy #3

After my horribly disgusting lunch yesterday, I was kinda undecided on today.

Well, I went to the store, where they make fresh sushi rolls, etc. I went with my standby - Asiana Wrap with veggies, one with shrimp and one with crab. I do pick out the large pieces of avocado because I don't like the texture, but oh well, what can I say? Then, with a side of sweet chili sauce... I survived.

It was good. I'm full. Not thousands of calories.

After the way this morning started on the scale... this is another step in the right direction!!


a mommy's lifestyle said...

Mmm, reading this made me want some sushi right now. LOL!

PTC said...

Yummy lunch, minus the seafood part.

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