04 November 2011

Feeling Beachie Friday Fill-Ins (Nov 4, 2011)

This week’s Feeling Beachie statements:
1.       I have never been to ___
2..      I hate to admit it, but sometimes I tend to be ____
3.       If I didn’t have___________________I’d be completely lost
4.       _________________________is always the best feeling at the end of the day

My answers...

1.  Disneyworld or Disneyland... either of them...neither of them

2.  short-tempered and bull-headed

3.  my android phone and it's apps

4.  Watching tv with a glass of wine



My Kid's Mom said...

I went to Disneyworld? (FL) years ago on Spring Break. Hopefully, someday I'll get back there with my future grandkids!

Hilary said...

Wine & TV.. the best... well, wine with anything... I am lost without my droid too... thanks for joining my hop & playing!

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