17 November 2011

Missing spoons... and more

In our house, spoons tend to disappear as fast, if not faster, than the socks in our dryer. My son is just like my ex. Similar to a hoarder, but more of a closet person. My son sneaks food and then hides the wrappers. He eats candy, hiding the wrappers, which he sees his grandmother do the same thing. His dad used to hide things too. I am going through this over and over. Tonight, I found 4 water bottles, 6 spoons, and 4 dishes. WTF? The worse part of the whole thing is that I KNOW where to look. It isn't exactly obvious but I'm a mom... I'm not stupid. This is gonna drive me nuts. There is obviously an issue with so many other things that lead to the secretive life. My mom stashes candy in her night stand and then wonders why she gains weight and can't sleep. Hmmmm .. a bag of chocolate wouldn't have anything to do with that, would it? My ex used to use alcohol, cigarettes and prescription meds in excess. After the divorce I was finding pills, empty beer bottles and empty booze bottles hidden. My son is still young but I worry about his secretive eating, since obesity runs in our family. How do I confront him and fix this before it goes horribly wrong?

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Alexandra Rose said...

Oh dear, this was quite funny until I read about how the secretive behaviour runs in the family. I don't have any experience in this field but the only advice I can give is be up front with your child. If you try to be as open with your child as possible and address the issue hopefully he will learn to be open with you. Maybe try to ask him what he feels when he hides things, maybe it will lead you to understand what triggers his urge to be secretive.
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